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Alt 2: Kayaking with camping and food and accommodation in hotel Smådalarö Gård

This is a fantastic kayaking package where you are off for 3 days. You get a great mix of kayaking, outdoor activities and luxury. You have access to the kayaks from 09:00 at Dalarö Kajak. You are provided with a tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags and a Trangia stove. You have a full day to spend in the beautiful archipelago and in the afternoon you find any suitable island to set up camp. In the morning you paddle and have an exciting day to spend in the archipelago with kayaking and relaxation in a wonderful setting. Some time in the afternoon you arrive at Smådalarö Gård. There you can take a shower, have a sauna or just relax. The sauna is located next to the sea, so you can just jump into the water to cool down. If you like you can also use the tennis court. When you feel hungry you can enjoy a nice two-course dinner at the genuine and nice restaurant of the hotel. In the morning a big breakfast buffet is served. Before paddling back you get a lunch package to take along and enjoy on some cosy cliff. You reach Dalarö Kajak again at 5 pm the latest.
Price per person: weekday 2795:- weekend 2945:-

Included in the price:All the kayak equipment, map, suggestion of paddling route, tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, Trangia stove, accommodation at the hotel, dinner with two courses, breakfast buffet, lunch package on day 3 (from the hotel), sauna, free access to the tennis court.
Smådalarö Gård

Food to bring yourself (per person): 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, water and snacks (We sell soft preserves from 24 hours meal).

Book: Call +46739741034 or email info@dalarokajak.se